Madang: in pictures

Everyone always asks what Madang really looks like, not just the incredible moments that I capture on camera but what everyday life looks like.  I’ve put together this photo series and a short video which takes you on a journey around the small town to give you a flavour of what day-to-day life is like in this beautiful, PNG, coastal town.

The market is located just out of town and is the best place to buy fresh fruit and
vegetables. Not only is the produce freshest but it supports local people. You can also buy
local handicrafts like bilums (bags).


Market 3

Market 2

Fish market
The fish market is located in the centre of town by the waters edge and you can buy fresh
fish caught that morning from the local fishermen. You can buy a whole, sustainably, line
caught yellow fin tuna for around £8 and single portions for just a few kina.

Fish market

Andersons is the main supermarket in Madang. As you can see it is very similar to a western supermarket. You can buy meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, bread etc. Western items are very costly as most is imported but it is surprising how much choice there is.


Andersons 4

Andersons 3

Andersons 2

Second hand clothes shops
There aren’t really any major shopping centres or clothes shops in Madang (other than some of the Chinese owned stores) so second hand clothes shops are the place to go!  The biggest second hand clothes shop is Kalibobo and it is a huge, hot warehouse filled with thousands of items. Clothes are cheap and you can find some amazing branded items if you rummage or if you are like me you can find some of the best fancy dress in the world!

Second hand 2

Second hand 3

Second hand

Post Office
There are no post boxes around towns (or even outside the post office!) so this is the place to buy stamps, post letters and occasionally collect parcels.

Post office

Post office 2

The place where many a Madang resident has lost hours of their life queuing to set up internet or telephone banking!



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